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Best time to enter the museum during the summer

What is the best time to line up to get in?


  • Dear Denis

    It is usually less people in the morning 08.30-10.00 or in the afternoon 16.00-18.00.
    But it is impossible to give any guarantees.

    Best wishes

    Nicklas Booking and evening arrangements
  • Is it possible to buy the tickets in advance, in order to avoid queues?

  • Dear Javier,

    You can buy tickets to the Vasa Museum on site upon arrival.
    Please be reassured that you will be able to enter the museum.

    If you want to buy tickets in advance, we offer combination tickets that are valid at the Vasa Museum and Vrak – Museum of Wrecks. For more information and to purchase combinations tickets, please visit our website. Please note that these tickets do not give priority in queue.

    Please note that there are no priority tickets. In case that there is a queue to visit the museum, all visitors wait in the same line. With, or without a pre purchased ticket.

    Best regards.

    (Updated )

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