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Upgrade to gold membership

I visited the Vasa Museum last month and really loved it.  I want to come back often. Can I bring in the ticket I bought last month and use that in part payment towards gold membership?


  • Dear Andrew,

    We are happy to hear that you enjoyed your visit and want to come back often.

    One is able to upgrade the ticket as long as it is valid, but no longer than within one month since the ticket was bought.

    We have a silver membership, which costs 250 SEK and grants you free admission for a year from the date you pay the membership. (From 1st July, 2023 it will be 350 SEK, for 2024)

    The gold membership costs 350 SEK (from 1st July, 2023 it will be 450 SEK, for 2024) and grants you a 10 % discount in both the shop and restaurant among other benefits.

    For more information regarding the benefits of a membership, please visit our website.

    Best regards,
    Emilia Booking Office
    (Updated )
  • Thank you. I will buy gold membership next time I visit. Can you confirm if the restaurant and 'bring a friend' discount will work straight away, or does it take a few hours/days to activate?
  • When you buy the membership in the entrance it will take a few days until you get the card by post.

    However, until it arrives the receipt will give you the same benefits as the card itself.

    Best wishes,
    Emilia Booking Office
    (Updated )
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