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Language on the website videos

I have recently viewed your website, and was watching one of the videos about new bolts, it would have been more interesting if I had been able to select the audio in english, rather than having to read the subtitles, as I cannot visit the ship in person, I found it very dissapointing as I could not give the video my full attention.



  • When we produce our videos we aim to make them as accessible as possible for both our our English and Swedish speaking website visitors. Sometimes we have Swedish speaking interviewees in combination with English subtitles and sometimes the opposite.

    In our video Preserving Vasa it is a combination of English and Swedish speaking interviewees.

    We offer a short video called This is the Vasa Museum which is entirely in English. You can find it in the slide show at the bottom of the page.

    On our Youtube channel we have five short videos called The hidden treasures of Vasa 
    where the interviewee is English speaking. Maybe they can be of interest.

    I wish you most welcome back to our website and hope that you will have a pleasant visit there as well as on our Youtube channel.


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