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Condition of Vasa?

Dear Vasa Team,

Could you please tell me the condition of Vasa?

Kind Regards,

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  • Dear John,

    Thank you for your important question. Considering that Vasa is nearly 400 hundred years old and has been resting in polluted water for more than 300 years, she is doing pretty well. But like every other material, Vasa’s wood is slowly deteriorating with time. At the museum we are constantly trying to find solutions for this problem and find a way to keep Vasa as she is today for as long as possible. That is why we make sure to keep a stable temperature and humidity level inside the museum at all times, constantly improve and maintain the way the ship is supported and do research for new effective treatments of the ship’s objects.
    Our aspiration is to preserve Vasa for one thousand years.

    Read more about our preservation work on our web!

    Cecilia Bergqvist Booking Manager
  • Always worth the money! From Chicago and always make it a point to see your museum every time I visit and still in awww of it. Took my 14 year old daughter this last trip and she thought it was going to be a boring museum as she walked in but after starting to learn the history and then imaging what it must have been like to be both in the ship and on the shore watching, she didn't want to leave. So interesting! Tho tragic, Sweden is very lucky to have such a great and unique museum. The Wasa and ABBA museums on same island..... can't get more Swedish than that! Thanks again and again smile

    Rick Saban
  • Dear Rick,

    Thank you for the kind words, very happy that you and your daughter enjoyed your visit.

    All Best,

    Jasmine Heydari Guide

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