Construction Cost Estimates

Hi Vasa Museet,

Thank you for the incredible experience. Curious if there are any estimates of the Vasa's construction cost? Clearly, it was a tremendous effort, so it'd be interesting to know how many millions of kronas/dollars/euros sank after a half-an-hour voyage.

Kind regards,
Vera Gavrilova


  • Hi Vera,
    We actually know the construction cost, there was an accounting after the ship was complete, which survives. It gives the total cost of the hull as 53 300 daler (the Swedish unit of currency until the 18th century), the rigging as 6 500 daler. In overall terms, this is not actually very much money, as it was spread over four budget years. It is roughly 1000 times an average sailor's annual pay, and only a twentieth of the cost of hiring a regiment of cavalry for a campaigning season. The guns were worth much more than the ship, probably in excess of 100 000 daler.

    Of the hull cost, about 25% is timber, 33% iron (nails,anchors, other hardware), and the rest labor.

    Fred Research Director, Ship Unit, Ph.D.

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