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Did the Vasa have a Ships boat?

Dear sir/miss,
I have my own Vasa based on the Sergal-modelkit. These plans do not contain a ships boat on the main deck. My question is: did the Vasa have a ships boat and if yes how did it look like and what were the measurements? It would look nice on the ship.

Kind regards,

Jan Speyer
The Netherlands
Jan Speyer


  • Dear Jan Speyer,

    Vasa carried at least two boats and possibly three. The main boat, or esping, was a flat-bottomed vessel with 16 oars and a sailing rig. It was 11.7 m long, 3.16 m wide and weighed about 3 tonnes empty. We have the boat itslef, as well as most of its equipment, including the rig. I can send you PDFs of drawings, if you can send me your email address; send to This boat was carrying a smaller clinker-built boat inside it, and remains of a third boat, a smaller version of the esping, were found near the stern.

    With best regards,
    Fred Research Director, Ship Unit, Ph.D.

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