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Free for 18 year olds?

Is the free admission for children 0-18, inclusive of 18 year olds. To clarify, I am 18 would my ticket be free or would I have to pay?


  • Dear Kayleigh,

    Thank you for your question!

    The free admission is until the day you turn 19, meaning that you will enter the museum for free.

    Welcome to the Vasa Museum!

    Kind regards,
    Emilia Booking Office
    (Updated )
  • Excellent! Thank you, see you in September.
    Thank you for your quick reply.
  • Hello,
    we are a group of gymnasium from Lithuania, coming to Stockholm this April.
    All of them are still school pupils, however, some of them will become 19 years old during the excursion, already. Is it possible to have a free admission for all the class members, presenting personal certificates of gymnasium, or something else.Thank you in advance

  • Dear Jolanta

    As long as the pupils are part of a school group all of them will have free admission.
    Nicklas Booking and evening arrangements
  • Dear Nicklas,

    thank you very much for your prompt and kind reply!


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