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The average height of the ship's crew?

The museum's website provides information on the average height of the ship's crew. The average height is 160 cm. Is it possible to get a link to scientific publications on anthropological studies of ship crew members?

Roman (Updated )


  • Hello Roman, the male skeletons found on Vasa range in height between 160 cm and 176 cm, with an average of 165-166 cm. This is the result of osteological analysis carried out by Ebba Düring and published in the book "De dog på Vasa" in 1994 - it is based on science but written for the general public. Some of the results are out-dated and no longer valid. I can also recommend Kvaal, S. & During, E. (1999). "A dental study comparing age estimations of the human remains from the Swedish warship Vasa". International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 9: pp. 170–181.
    You will find an oversight about what we know about the crew in the book "Vasa. A swedish warship" by Fred Hocker. We are currently launching a research project about the crew based on written sources, human remains and personal belongings found on the ship, so hopefully we will know more soon.
    Anna Maria Researcher
  • Hello Anna Maria! Thanks a lot for the comprehensive answer!

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