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Gift Shop Inquiry

I am posting to discover if the gift shop is open for shipping to California, because I would like to purchase, Vasa I: The Archaeology of a Swedish Royal Ship of 1628 (Cederlund & Hocker)
and, Vasa: A Swedish Warship, (Hocker, Frederick). Thanks for your help.
Thomas (Updated )


  • Dear Thomas

    For more information about shipping please contact the Vasa Museum gift shop directly at:  
  • Hi Nicklas: Hopeful you are well.  I understand the museum is re-opened. Congratulations.  I sent an email for an order to the gift shop, but did not hear back. I am sure the gift shop is back logged, but I wanted to check to see if email is the best way to order still, or are we able to call in our order by phone?  Thanks for your help.
    Thomas Simon
  • Dear Thomas

    I just spoke to the gift shop manager. They do have a lot of correspondence at the moment but they will get back to you as soon as possible.

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