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How much of Vasa is original?

How much of the Vasa is actually made of replacement parts? For example, I read that the upper decks were smashed up to get at the cannons in 1665. So are the deck planks you see today replacements? How about the stern castle? Pictures of the ship when first raised in 1961 show the rear was missing. Was it rebuilt using new boards with the sculpures that had fallen off reattached? I read that the Vasa is 95% original. Is this accurate?


  • Hi Gary,

    thank you for your interesting question. Vasa is actually 98% original. Our head of research Mr Fred Hocker did a new calculation a few years ago and it came to only 2% is done in modern time. As you wrote, the deck plants are new. When it comes to the stern castle, the inside is new and then they attached the sculptures after they had been preserved with PEG.

    Best regards

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