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Is it possible to volunteer at the museum?

Hello! Does the Vasa Museum use volunteers? We visited today and our now 11 year old daughter has a dream to be a volunteer tour guide inside the museum during the summertime. She's fully fluent in both English and Swedish! Is there anything like this, or a youth organization that would allow her to work there during her summers?

Thanks for all you do to preserve this incredible ship!


  • Dear Naomi,

    Thank you for your wonderful comments about our beautiful ship and our museum, it really motivates us that work here when we get this kind of feedback.

    So glad to hear that your daughter would like to work or volunteer here at the Vasa Museum. It would have been an honour to have her, but unfortunately, we only have hired staff that work in the museum as hosts and guides. Sometimes we take on interns, but mostly from university level so your daughter has to wait a few years. Every year in December/January, we usually recruit our summer staff so in a few years she is more than welcome to apply.

    One way to volunteer so to speak, or at least help spread the word about the Vasa is to become a Junior Vasa Friend (Vasavän), a member in Vasamuseets vänförening, an NGO that works closely with the museum to spread knowledge and inspire more people to learn about the Vasa. As a junior member you can for example sign up for a "Night at the Vasa Museum", where you together with other children get to have a sleep over in the museum. You can read more here

    All the best to you and your family, we hope to see you soon again! Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any more questions.

    Yours sincerely,

    Martina Bruzelius
    Martina Bruzelius

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