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Is the Vasa Museum disable access friendly?

Dear Vasa Team,

Is the museum accessible to people with disabilities?

Kind Regards,

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  • Dear John,

    We have a model of the ship that provides the visually impaired a chance to understand the ships construction through touch.
    We also offer Braille information in Swedish, English and German and you can receive suggestions for tours around the museum from our information desk.
    A Hearing Loop is available in the large auditorium during the film screenings and we also provide a Bliss Map and a booklet showing Bliss symbols in order to explain the warship Vasa.

    We have two wheelchairs that the visitors are welcome to borrow and you can enquire about them at the information desk.
    There are elevators to all floors and disabled parking is available outside the museum entrance (3 spaces).
    Gluten- or lactose free diet for those with food allergies can be ordered in the Vasa Restaurant.

    Welcome to the Vasa Museum!

    Cecilia Bergqvist
    1. Could you update this, please. I am particularly interested in trip hazards (I have peripheral sight loss) and areas with low light levels  (my remaining vision only works well in good light). Low light leve are needed for preservation, but I like to be fore-warned, and particularly told about any hazards that are in these areas.  
    2. It's great to hear that you have gluten-free and lactose-free food in your cafe!  Food is difficult: it is great to provide fresh, seasonal food, and to have a chef who uses what is best, today, to create their dishes.  But on the other hand, it's great to have a full menu with all the ingredients listed, on line, so we can know before we visit.  There is no right answer when it comes to food! How do you make the information available in the cafe?  Must people ask?  Is it printed on a menu that a partially sighted person can pick up and place in their range of vision?  If you have a large print menu, is it with the other menus / on every table, or do you have to ask for it?  

  • Hello Pat,

    Thank you for your request!

    The information my collegue Cecilia gave in an earlier comment is still up-to-date.

    1. Like you mention the museum is kept fairly dark due to preservation of the Vasa. Light levels are kept below 100 lux, daylight is not allowed to fall on the ship.
    In regards to your question about trip hazards it's worth mentioning that there are cobble stones on the entrance floor. There are lifts to every floor, to avoid stairs, and automatic door openers to get inside the museum.

    2. The menu in the restaurant is changed weekly, it's shown on large screens by the counter. Printed menues are available on demand. My best advice would be to contact them directly to find a suitable set up for your visit:

    Please contact us again if you have any further questions!

    Best regards,

    Louise Blad
  • I have a service dog for mobility, is he allowed in?
  • Dear Michael,

    Service dogs are allowed in the museum.

    You can read about accessibility here; 

    Sofia Glase Bokning
  • Hello. May I ask about the captions of the exhibits? Are all of them in Braille ? Thank u in advance.
    Aggeliki Kallimanoli
  • Hello Aggeliki,

    Thank you for your question!

    A tour through the museum in Braille is available in Swedish and English. Pick it up by the the information desk inside the musuem upon arrival.

    Unfortunately a majority of the captions of the exhibits are only written in Swedish and English.

    Please contact us again if you have any further questions.

    Kind regards,
    Louise Blad
  • Are You open today, March 25
  • Yes, the Vasa Museum was open yesterday! Hope you had a nice visit!
    Anna Vagge Bookings

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