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Is there need to book in advance?


My husband and I will be soon visiting Stockholm, and are really looking forward to visiting this extraordinary museum.
Should we book in advance or will we be able to find tickets at the counter?
Thank you in advance for your reply.

Kind regards,


  • Dear Emilia,

    We are glad to hear you are already planning to visit us in April.
    We also hope spring will have arrived in Stockholm by then.

    At the moment there are no online tickets. If they are launched before your visit they will be sold on the front page of our website. If they are not launched you buy the tickets here at the museum when you arrive.

    Please note that there are no priority tickets. In case that there is a queue to visit the museum, all visitors wait in the same line. With, or without a pre purchased ticket. You can always buy your ticket here at the entrance.
    It is highly unusual that it ever takes longer than 20 minutes.

    You are most welcome when you arrive.
    Please contact us again if you have any questions.

    Anna Bookings

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