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Salvage Cost of the Vasa?

How much did it cost to salvage the Vasa and what would that equate to today?


  • Hi Joe,

    I am afraid that it is impossible to say what the salvage cost, except to say that it cost the people of Sweden next to nothing. All of the preparatory diving work, digging the tunnels under the ship, rigging the lift, etc. was carried out by the divers of the navy and coastal artillery as part of their annual proficiency training, which was already budgeted by the navy. The lift itself was carried out by the Neptune Salvage Company at no cost (they were allowed to use the project in their advertising). The project spent a small amount of money on a handful of salaries and the purchase of incidentals, but the majority of the cost was never accounted.

    Modern estimates of what it would take to raise a similar ship from a similar depth typically range between 50 and 100 million euros, but no one really knows what it would take until someone tries it!
    Fred Hocker

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