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Salvage ship near "Vasa Museum"

Dear Vasa Museum,

We was incredibly happy to visit you in June 2019, thank you for that unforgettable adventure! Can you help us to know the name of the ship near the museum (photo in attachment)? Is it salvage ship, which participated in the lifting of "Vasa"?

Best regards,



  • Dear Vadims

    We are very happy to hear you had a nice visit at the Vasa museum in the beginning of summer!

    The ship you see in your photo is the swedish minesweeper Sprängaren.
    Together with the sistership Sveparen, and the Submarine rescue ship
    Belos (1885), Sprängaren
    was used for salvaging smaller objects and retrieving loose objects.

    However, for salvaging Vasa, larger ships were needed. Neptunbolaget used
    the towboat Atlas and floating pontoons, Oden and Frigg.

    Please see attached images of Sprängaren with Sveparen and Sökaren, and the pontoon Frigg. 

    Hope you visit us soon again!
  • Dear Therése,

    Thank you for your so informative replay, now all is clear!

    Good luck to the Vasa Museum and see you next time!

    Best regards,

  • It's our pleasure!

    You are always welcome back!

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