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School class

We are a German school class with 39 students with maximun 18 years and 3teachers. We saw that our students got a free entrance. What about the teachers? Can we book the tickets ahead to avoid lining up?
How much would a guided tour be?
Thanks for you reply
Ellen Haaga

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  • Dear Ellen,

    Thank you for your questions!

    Unfortunately the Vasa Museum don’t sell or reserve tickets in advance or online, and don’t have speed gates so you can't avoid lining up. There is a pay desk for groups that is a bit faster.

    When are you planning to visit the museum?
    Last summer, the high season, June - August, was the time in a queue 30 minutes at the longest. Hopefully it will not be longer than that, this high season. If you are here in May I don't think the queues will be much of a problem at all, especially not if you visit the museum in the afternoon.

    The entrance fee for adults is 130 SEK. Children up to 19 years of age don't pay entrance fee. Teachers that visit the museum along with their class don't pay entrance fee. Parents that come along pay the regular entrance fee.

    You can visit the museum without a guided tour or bring your own/an authorized Stockholm guide to guide your group in the museum. If you would like to book a private guided tour with a Vasa guide the cost is 600 SEK for up to 30 persons, so you would need two guides for your group. A private guided tour with a Vasa guide need to be booked prior to the visit at

    You can also download a mp3 guide to your smart phone, when here or at home; (Free wi-fi in the Vasa Museum)

    The film about the Vasa is screened in the museum three times every hour in different languages. Schedule for the film screenings;

    This page is useful when planning a visit to the museum;

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if have any questions or want to book a private guided tour;

    Very welcome to the Vasa Museum!

    Anna Vagge Bookings
  • As I´d read at your forum, pre book tickets are not allowed. May I put again in discussion this theme, since I´ve saw many other questions like this. Tourists from distants lands don´t have enough time to see the cities, particullary in the case of Stockholm when you are in a cruise (just few hours in the city). So, spend time in a queue is very hard (30 min, 1 hour???). In fact I´d visited museums at Firenze (Uffizi, Gallery), or even Coliseum with pre book tickets and all atractions managed very well. Knowing that Vasamuseet is the number one atraction in the city, I certainly will go, even loosing time in the queue but, excuses me, I really don´t understand why you cannot adopt this policy. This is for incoming tourists in the future!

    Luiz Santiago
  • Dear Luiz,
    We are developing on-line tickets for certain events with limited capacity. It is our aim to introduce on-line tickets on a wider basis, but this will not be in place this summer. It has to do with planning of time slots and sold tickets. The museum can only welcome a maximum of 2000 visitors. Regards!

    Mathias Andersson Head of Marketing

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