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Доброго дня, підскажіть будь ласка, в для українців у вас є пільги для входу?

Доброго дня, подскажите будь ласка, для украинцев у вас есть пильги для входа?

Hello, tell me please, do you have entrance benefits for Ukrainians?

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  • Thank you for contacting us with this most important and relevant question!

    The Vasa Museum does not have the possibility to offer free admission to Ukrainian citizens. The Vasa Museum is state-owned. We are part of the governmental agency The Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums, and as a public agency we cannot give a single nationality free admission.

    The Vasa Museum, unlike most other Swedish state-owned museums, does not have free admission. However, our sister museums the Swedish Naval Museum in Karlskrona and the National Maritime Museum in Stockholm, which are also part of the same agency, have free admission for all visitors and can therefore offer free visits also for citizens from Ukraine.

    Best regards,
    Anna Bookings
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