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Steering Helm Position

I was given a model of The Vasa, but it does not appear to have a 'Helm Wheel'.
Can you let me know where this should be positioned?


  • Hello Liam,

    Thank you for your question!

    Fun fact: Ships back then did not use "Helm Wheels" to steer the ship. Instead they used a whipstaffFunctionality wise they worked nearly the same, the only problem was that the whipstaff usually was located on the top gundeck which meant it was not visible. This also meant that the visibility for the man currently steering the ship was reduced. So reduced in fact, that he needed another crew member to give him instructions on where to steer as he alone could not see outside.

    I hope this was the answer you were looking for, otherwise you can always contact us again with further questions!

    Kind regards,

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