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The decorations on Vasa

I am looking for detailed information about all the decorations on Vasa. A thorough review.
I already have the book "Vasa Bekänner Färg".
It is a good book, but there must also be something about the sculptures and what they are represent.
I have not been able to find a book or report on this topic. Can the Vasa Museum help?
Jens Riise Kristensen


  • Dear Jens, the best information available in English is Hans Soops doctoral thesis: The Power and the Glory. The sculptures of the warship Wasa (1986).

    Earlier this year we published a new book on the sculptures: Skulpturerna på Vasa. En berättelse om makt (Anna Maria Forssberg ed). (you can order it through the Vasa museum shop). We are currently preparing the English translation: Vasa's sculptures. A story of Power. It will be available in the beginning of next year.
    Anna Maria Researcher
  • Hallo
    Where can I find more information on the books available in the museum shop?

    yours truly

    Pascal Nevelsteen
  • Dear Pascal,
    Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your questions about the books in the Vasa Museum's shop.

    If you want a list of what kind of books you can order from the Museum shop, please contact the Museum shop:

    For more information about the Vasa Museum's shop, please visit our website.
    Emilia Booking Office

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