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The Vasa build with Lego bricks.

Hello Vasa museum,
I do not have a question...
But I would like to share something with you 😀
It started manny years ago, at birthday parties and other events I heard my father talking about his adventures ad sea...
So as a little kid the sea and ships became very interesting.
...I also had a very big interest for Lego. And at a moment a started building ships from lego, especially 17th century ships.
There where some attempts and at the end I came up with this...
The build of the Vasa with Lego bricks.
It is still not ready, the main 2 things that have to be build are the balconies and the rigging, and I have many ideas and updates in my head that have to be done also. The time I spent at creating this model? Don't ask 😀
....But until now, this is the result. Hope you like it.
Still have to visit your museum, I think next year...

Kind regards,

Jos van Hoesel
Jos van Hoesel


  • Dear Jos

    Amazing ship!
    We hope to see you here next year then, and we will not ask how long time you spent building the ship.

    Best wishes
    Nicklas Booking and evening arrangements

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