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Is the Vasa Film available on line?

I was in the museum two days ago, but I did not have a chance to watch the 20 minute film being shown downstairs, or the shorter film (10 minutes?) being shown upstairs.  Are these available on YouTube or from the museum web site so I can watch these from home?  It would be a great service to the public, and I think it would increase rather than decrease the number of people who visit the Vasa Museum.
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  • Dear Bruce,

    Thank you for your question!

    Due to publishing rights the Vasa Museum doesn't have the possibility to offer the Film about Vasa on our web site.

    However, you can order the documentary about the Vasa and her time on DVD from the museum shop. It is 2 hours and 33 minutes long and is in spoken Swedish with English subtitles.

    Please send them an e-mail at and they'll help you with your order and questions.

    Kind regards,
    Anna Bookings

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