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Was Vasa top-heavy?

I'm trying to remember from my visit to the museum, but I cannot recall one of the facts...there was a display discussing how the Vasa was top-heavy, but that several years later another ship was built that was just a bit wider that managed to sail for many years.  Do you happen to have the information regarding those dimensions?  How much wider was the subsequent ship? Thanks.  My husband and I have a little bet going as to who remembered it correctly, and my web searches have not been successful.


  • Hello Jessica!
    Vasa was topheavy because of the new design. The 2 levels for the canons instead of 1 level like before. They also built another war-ship called The Apple that sailed for 30 years. The Apple also had the new design with 2 levels for the canons but was 1 meter wider in the stern castle. They think that one reason Vasa sank is that she is too narrow in the stern castle-the lower part. I hope this solves some of your questions.
    Best regards!
    Ulrika Guide Entré

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