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Visiting the VASA with my elderly parents

Good morning,
I plan to come this summer from France in order to visit specifically the VASA museum with my elderly parents (both > 80 years old - my father being passionate about old wooden boats) : is there a solution allowing us to buy tickets with a pre-scheduled entrance timing avoiding my parents to queue ?

Thank you for your answer ... and solution !
Kind Regards
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  • Dear Alexandre,

    Thank you for your request!

    During the period from May to August, we have many visitors and there can be queues to get inside the Museum. Usually it takes no more than 15-20 minutes to get into the Museum, but we do have less visitors in the afternoon than in the morning.

    There are no speed gates or priority gates. There is a queue for those visitors who buy their tickets in ticket machines, which usually go a little faster than the one paying for their ticket at checkout. Speak to the staff that work by the machines.

    There is no need to buy tickets online in advance as they don't give you any priority in the queues.

    Please contact the booking office at if you have any further questions.

    Very welcome to the Vasa Museum!

    Anna Bookings

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