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volume 2 of vasa rigging

Has volume two been published yet 
By Fred Hocker?
kenneth emmerson


  • Hello!
     We are currently working on the proofreading and layout of the first part of Volume II, and have a meeting next month to discuss the production schedule. The publication will be announced on the museum's website once we have a launch date firmly fixed.

    With best regards,
    Fred Research Director, Ship Unit, Ph.D.
  • Any progress with this publication


    Jan Veraart Netherlands
  • Dear Jan,
    Sorry for the late reply.

    Dr. Fred Hocker has informed me that Vasa II is currently with the publisher, but due to complications arising from Covid-19 and world shortage of printing paper, the book is held up. We hope that it can be printed at the beginning of the summer and released in the autumn.
    Emilia Booking Office

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