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Museum in 1964

Our family traveled extensively during the summers of 1964 and 1965. I have a recollection of seeing the Vasa, but it would have been long before the current museum (which is beautiful, by the way).



  • Yes, there was a museum for Vasa before the one where the ship is housed today. It was a temporary museum, called the Wasavarvet Museum, and it was opened in 1961. Inside it the public could follow the preservation of Vasa. A photo of it can be found on Wikipedia,

    In 1988 Vasa was moved to the new building, the Vasa Museum, which is purpose built and the permanent museum for the ship.
    Some parts of the old museum remain and today house another museum - the Aquaria Water Museum.
    Didier Linder
  • Was the vasa located close to the af Chapman youth hostel in 1964? I stayed at the hostel then and my memory is that they were closer together then.
    Thank you for keeping history alive.
    Bob Holtan
    Wabasha, Minnesota

    Bob Holtan
  • Dear Bob
    The first Vasa Museum (Wasavarvet) was located about 300 meter från the new one.
    The af Chapman youth hostel is located on another island called Skeppsholmen but still close.
    Nicklas Booking and evening arrangements

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