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Water conditions at Vasa Site

What is the salinity at the site where the Vasa was recovered? Is it considered fresh or salt water?
Julie C


  • Dear Julie,

    Thank you for your interesting question!

    The water in the Baltic Sea is brackish, a mixture of fresh and salt water. The salinity content is 6-8% in the Baltic Sea, but probably slightly lower at Vasa's recovery site due to it's proximity to Stockholm city and the lake Mälaren.

    Kind regards,
    Louise Blad
  • Does the brackish water at Stockholm Harbor account for the much greater preservation of the Vasa compared to the British ship Mary Rose?  That ship sank several kilometers out of Portsmouth, England about 100 years earlier, and only the portion of that ship that had sunk into the mud was still intact when it was excavated in 1982.
    Matt K

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