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When did they stop allowing people on board the ship?

For the protection and long-term preservation of the ship, the the general policy from the very beginning since the salvation of Vasa, is that no one is allowed to board the ship, other than museum staffs and preservation professionals. This policy is applied to this day, with the occasional exception of heads of state and their guests, Navy Commander accommpanied by the Swedish Navy Commander, and Nobel Laureate. You must be one of the lucky ones!

However, during the conservation period, when the hull was sprayed with polyethylene glycol, and then gradually dried, the temporary museum building Vasa was being treated in was open to the public. A construction of footbridges made it possible to walk across the hull, just above the upper deck. It did certainly give a feeling of being on board, and we regularly meet people who swear they have been on Vasa, back in the day. In a way we like to let them keep this illusion, seeing as it is very likely we will go towards an even more restrictive policy in the future.

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