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¿Which were the precise length and beam dimensions of the Vasa

What was the exact length of the keel or hull, deck length, and overall length? Likewise, these dimensions, which shipbuilding school did they follow? Thank you very much in advance. Kind regards.
Jacobo F. Rodriguez


  • Hej Jacobo,
    The ship currently has the following dimensions, as closely as we can measure:

    Length on the keel: 38.32 m
    Length over stems (forward face of stem to after face of sternpost): 47.17 m
    Length on the lower gundeck (inner face of stem to inner face of wing transom): 44.52 m (although this is hard to determine, as there are many timbers in the way)
    Length overall (nose of the figurehead to taffrail): 60.93 m

    The original main dimensions were in Swedish feet (297mm long). The contract for the ship specified the keel length as 128 feet and the maximum breadth as 37 feet. The was altered slightly during Construction, and the current dimensions are somewhat larger.

    The ship appears to be built in the northern Dutch method of construction, in which the bottom planks are temporarily fastened to each other after the keel and stems are set up, out to the turn of the bilge. Then the bottom framingis inserted. Once the bottom was stable, the framing was built up to about the waterline and planked. Framing and planking alternated like this up to the planksheer, at the level of the upper deck.
    Fred Research Director, Ship Unit, Ph.D.

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