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Why not sink her again?

I know nothing about these kinds of things but I just watched a documentary on svt on how she´s slowly going to be crushed under her own weight and thought: Why not build a giant fish-tank around her and let people see her rest, on the bottom of "the ocean" where she is ment too be? As I have understood those conditions would be the most optimal for her too actually Not get crushed under her own weight, and, this would also preserve the wood better?


  • Dear Peter.

    Thank you for your very creative suggestion. The reason that Vasa was so well kept while resting on the sea bed over those 333 years was not entirely due to the water of the brackish Baltic sea, but also due to her sinking down into the mud. The sculptures and carvings had fallen off due to the iron corroding away and they were for most part well surrounded and protected by mud and clay. When she was salvaged in 1961 she came up to the surface as one of the world’s biggest jigsaw puzzles. Even though parts of her were indeed well preserved in the mud, it would be hard for the public to appreciate, learned, or be inspired by Vasa in that state.

    There are other reasons not to submerge Vasa in a large tank of water, or a preserving medium such a polyethylene glycol. Asides from the difficulties of implementing such a structure into our current setting, the steps already taken to rebuild and conserve Vasa are done given the controlled environment where she is resting today. Now that the ship has been reconstructed, regular maintenance checks would become much more difficult inside a tank, and new research projects to help us place and understand the interior findings would be nearly impossible. The ship’s current state is a compromise between displaying, conserving, maintaining and researching her.

    Best regards,
    Lisa Månsson

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