Hendrik Hybertszoon, Vasa og pinasskib

Hej. Kan I se et indflydelse af pinassskibet på Hendrik Hybertszoons design af Vasa ? Vendlig hilsen fra Danmark Olav
Lars Olav (Uppdaterad )


  • Hej Lars Olav,

    A pinas was a smaller form of full-rigged ship common in Holland in Vasa's time, and had a similar hull shape to larger ships like Vasa. One could say that they are related or are derived from similar models. The Swedish navy used pinasses as well, and bought a number of them in Holland. The famous Kalmar Nyckel, which took the first Swedish and Finnish settlers to America in 1638 was a pinas built in Amsterdam in 1627 and purchased for the Ship Company in 1629. A typical pinas is used in Nicolaes Witsen's 1671 book on shipbuilding as an example to illustrate how a ship is designed and built, and this has similar ends and cross-sections to Vasa, but is not as narrow compared to its length.

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