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Why was the name VASA given to this ship & did it have relation to King Vasa?

Was this ship named after King Vasa? If not, how & why was this ship named?


  • Dear Jane,
    The sheaf of grain was the heraldic symbol of the Swedish royal family at the time of king Gustav II Adolf (reign: 1611–1632). His grandfather was the famous king Gustav Vasa and his daughter later became Queen Christina.

    The word vasa (or vase) means ”sheaf of grain”, although in old Swedish.
    This symbol can be seen on the ship, both at the figure head (in the paws of the lion), and at the stern (in the Coat of arms of Sweden).

    The strategically placed sheaf of grain gave its name to the ship, the equivalent of today's practice, where the name is written in letters at the hull.
    Inger Pedagog

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